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Feedback on Stewardship: Motives of the Heart

“I just finished filming [the lessons] at 3ABN for the Hispanic world. After EGW, this is the best material I have ever read about stewardship.”

~Robert Costa, General Conference Associate Ministerial Secretary
for GC Evangelism and Church Growth
“This Stewardship study guide is the first I’ve seen in my life, and with the challenge of unfaithfulness within the churches, this study guide is a blessing in a time of need.”
~Masco Chataika, Africa
“I was excited to see the title, but after skimming through, I became more excited. The content is rich. It was a great idea to have this at the beginning of the year. I am confident it will make a great impact around the world.”
~Tracy John, NAD Stewardship Certification Graduate
“Today I have taken more time to read through the Stewardship quarterly. The insights therein are quite inspiring and heart-changing. I trust, by God’s grace, that this quarterly will see Stewardship rise to higher heights in the global Church.”
~William Bagambe, East-Central Africa
Stewardship and Trust Services Director, Kenya
“I would like to thank you again for the way you allowed the Lord to use you to bless the church in such a way! My brother, a pastor in Brazil, called me last week to say how blessed he was by studying this quarterly. The same thing with one of my daughters. And the reaction in the Sabbath School Class where I was this last Sabbath was amazing!”
~Marcos Bomfim, General Conference Stewardship Ministries Director

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