The StewPot

After a two-year hiatus, The Stewpot is available again as of January 2024. NAD has taken responsibility for this publication, which will be published bi-monthly for 2024. Please promote this resource to your congregations!

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January/February 2024 (print version)


Continuing His Legacy

Elder Gordon Botting died on July 11, 2019 after serving over 25 years as the Pacific Union Conference (PUC) Stewardship Director. He advanced God’s kingdom by teaching the “ABC’s of Financial Freedom” to hundreds of Adventist churches.

He once said to an Adventist member, “As a local church pastor over the years, I learned that about 35 percent of our members don’t pay tithe and about 55 percent do not contribute to the local church budget. Sometimes people stop giving deliberately because they are upset about church policies or personalities, but I believe the majority do not contribute because they don’t think they can fit it into their budget. There just doesn’t seem to be enough money to go around.”

Eternity will tell the impact that Elder Botting had in the lives of many people that learned to be better stewards of God’s resources. But one of his greatest contributions to Stewardship Ministries was producing a monthly newsletter for local churches: The StewPot.  This very useful resource was produced in four languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and through the years many local congregations throughout North America used it as a bulletin insert.

The North American Division (NAD) has obtained the rights to this publication from the Pacific Union to continue with Elder Gordon Botting’s ministry hallmark, The StewPot.  We encourage you to promote this very useful resource for distribution in all the local churches.  When PUC was publishing it, there was a price to subscribe.  But the NAD is making it free of charge because we want The StewPot to be available for everyone.  Please tell your Bulletin Secretaries about this resource so they can download and print for their local church bulletins.  We also recommend placing it in your conference Stewardship Ministries website and encourage Communication Secretaries to place it on social media so young people can read this short and useful newsletter.  It will continue to be translated into Spanish and French; and for now, we will be publishing it once every two months.

We hope that Elder Botting’s legacy will continue to make an impact for God’s kingdom.