I am a Steward

How to best use the talents God gave you – Chef Chew

Watch this great testimony to learn how to use the talents God gave you. Chef Chew went from aspiring to be a track athlete to sharing God’s goodness with individuals who frequent his Oakland, CA restaurant, VegHub. Chef Chew uses his talents for God. We each have talents God gave us for His work. The AdventistGiving app gives us an opportunity to join our church family in supporting those who are using their talents for God. App Links: iTunes | Google Play

Knowing God’s will and plan for your life – Justin Khoe

Justin Khoe, That Christian Vlogger, shares his journey from unbelief to faith and how this belief affects every area of his life. Justin is a steward because God is real. Watch the video testimony to learn how God gave him his life.
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How to trust God’s plan – Kevin and Angelia Meier

Kevin and Angelia had plans to be missionary pilots. Changes in health changed their missionary destination to the family farm. They have a honey bee business which brings them into contact with others and opportunities share their faith. They have learned that God will provide for their needs right when needed. Watch to learn why Kevin and Angelia have decided to be stewards with what God has entrusted to them and have peace that God will be faithful to His promises to them.
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What does it mean to be a Christian entrepreneur? – Joe Valente

As an entrepreneur, Joe likes having something of his own that he created and that he has control over. Joe recognizes that to be a steward we realize that all of this is not ours, and that God owns it all. We are taking care of it, we are managing it, we are developing it, and improving it for somebody else. This is counter-intuitive and counter-cultural.
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Why give back to God? – Nye Simmons

Nye lives and works in New York City, the financial capital of the world. Nye comments that “the money that you make determines so many things: where you live; what you do; even who you hang out with in some cases.” In this money driven environment Nye discovers the joy in systematically giving his money away. The AdventistGiving App makes tithes/offerings easier! App Links: iTunes | Google Play

How to serve God by serving others – Irene Hwang

Irene spent six months helping residents of a leper colony in China. She did very simple things most of the time, sweeping the floor, saying hello, and giving massages. She found it very easy to the hands and feet of God while there in the leper colony because quite literally the people there were missing hands and feet. After her time there, fast-forward to Irene now in Dental school at Columbia in New York City. She still felt this desire to serve others but wasn’t sure how. She looked around and everything had everything anyone could possibly want. But as time went on she realized that though at first her time and China and being in New York City seemed very different that there were similarities. Because people were there, and people all feel the need to be listened to, emotionally supported, and God has given Irene a heart for that.
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Following God’s call – Alex Nicalescu

Alex is studying at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, he’s never had an issue dropping his life in the States to step into gaps of need around the world. Like the time he followed the World Cup to Brazil–praying and inspiring others to be a redemptive difference in the devastating world of human trafficking. God as giver motivates Alex to experience prayer as heaven’s currency for guidance, power and transformation in a world that desperately needs it. Like Isaiah we say, “Here am I. Send me!” Together we can express our faithfulness through the AdventistGiving App! App Links: iTunes | Google Play

Being successful God’s way – Ruben Harris

Ruben created his own path into the finance world but turned social entrepreneur in San Francisco, California. Ruben pivoted from his stable career because of a realization that if you help people everything else comes. Making a redemptive difference inspired by the promise the meek shall inherent the earth inspired him to begin a platform leveraging tech opportunity by empowering people via coding boot camps. He’s gone on to form a career accelerator which is driven by plugging in people with peers, coaches, and mentors that help transform people’s trajectory. To God be the glory. Join us as we give our offerings of praise and thanksgiving using the AdventistGiving app. App Links: iTunes | Google Play

Finding joy in God – Heidi Carpenter

Heidi grew up in a home with parents who taught her to love God and were good role models of being stewards themselves. Heidi worked at developing a relationship with God for herself. At first she says “it was like eating dry shredded wheat. But then as time went on it became like eating ice cream.” Heidi shares her journey of following God’s leading and growing in faith. Returning tithes and offerings is an act of worship. Now we can participate from the convenience of our phones using the AdventistGiving app. App Links: iTunes | Google Play

Reasons why we should take care of the Earth – Kyle Bergen

Kyle is a water resources engineer from Calgary, Alberta, who, check this out, designed the flood retaining wall at the world famous Calgary Stampede grounds. Kyle’s professional experience in protecting the earth adds weight to his conviction that stewardship of the earth is a Christian response and shares how integrating his eating choices is part of his decision to be a steward. As Adventists, we believe in Heaven and the New Earth. Our home, Earth, right now, God has placed in our care. Support stewardship of the Earth by donating through the AdventistGiving app. App Links: iTunes | Google Play


Can God turn things around? – Jonathan Dysinger

As a teenager Jonathan used his talents to invent equipment for harvesting lettuce. A seed company sold his product, but one day told him that they would no longer be carrying it. He was devastated. But soon after his business started growing, because he was now selling direct to the customer, and the seed company was forwarding all their previous customers of the product to him. What had looked like a terrible turn of events ended up being a blessing. Jonathan’s company has found opportunities for sharing their faith and being a steward with what God has given them.

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