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This Week’s Offering

Offering appeals prepared for use each Sabbath

Adventist Online Giving

AdventistGiving AdventistGiving provides a way for individuals to return tithe and offerings to their local church from any computer or mobile device.  The AdventistGiving app...

Tithes & Offerings

What is a Steward? Each of us has been promoted to manage a “store” for God. It may seem we’ve started at the bottom, and...

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Should I Tithe on My Social Security Income?

Ask the Coach Question: I’m retired, and someone told me that I need to pay tithe on my social security income. Is that true? Answer:...

Share Your Stewardship Story

Interested in telling us your stewardship story? Hooray! What are the requirements? Easy! The story must be true and about you! The story must have...


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