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Malcolm Douglas

"I preached for six months on how Jesus gave all."

Malcolm Douglas, a pastor in Arizona, shares a case study of teaching Stewardship to one of his churches which, when he arrived, was in significant financial woes. Now, five years later, church giving…

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Can tithe be used to repair church buildings?

Ask the Coach Q: My church experienced a catastrophic event that damaged our church building. We asked our conference for help since they own the building, but they said no. Can we keep tithe in or…

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Dollar bills in glass jar isolated on wooden background. Saving money for retirement.

Do people in their 30's need to plan for retirement?

Ask the Coach Q: I’m in my thirties and people are asking me what I’m doing to plan for retirement. I think I’m too young! Am I? Is there something I should be doing? A: You are never too young…

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Dwain Esmond

Ellen White and Stewardship

Have you wondered what Ellen White thought about stewardship? Read as Dwain Esmond, associate director of the Ellen G. White® Estate, Inc. gives an example of stewardship from Ellen White’s life.

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Five Tips for a Debt Free Christmas

Five Tips for a Debt Free Christmas

We all want a joyful family gathering but sometimes we go overboard and it hits our bank account hard. Here are five tips so you too can say “bah humbug” to bankruptcy.

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How to Afford College

Ask the Coach Question: I want to go to college, but tuition is so expensive. Do you have any ideas on how I can afford college? Answer: First, let me say that I applaud your desire to go to col…

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Leaning in to Stewardship

As a millennial, I don’t take things at face value. Skepticism is very much a part of my DNA. Appeals based on historical precedent or past performance are only as good as the real value they show…

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Man standing in stairwell

More Than Money

I believe that most of us have the concept of stewardship wrong. If you’re like me, stewardship has been all about what we must give up in order to be good stewards. This reared its head several years…

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Practical Stewardship – Everyday Millionaires

“You’ve been lied to,” states Chris Hogan, author of Everyday Millionaires. Lies? About what? He postulates that we’ve been told lies about millionaires: who they are, how they act, and how they go…

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White church with steeple and Seventh-day Adventist church sign

Practical Stewardship – Personal Giving Plan

When sharing in my Sabbath School one day about what I do during my devotional time in the mornings, I shared how I have a special chair in my bedroom and while there I read, pray, sing, look out the…

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Stewardship of Self-discipline

Someone once said that self-discipline happens when your conscience tells you to do something and you don’t talk back. We are in a great struggle for self-mastery (Romans 7:15–20). The secret to succe…

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2018 Stewardship Sabbath

Stewardship Sabbath November 3

If you go to https://stew-web-blue/stewardship-sabbath, you will find a sermon, children’s story, and PowerPoint for use on that Sabbath—or any other Sabbath, for that matter. Written by Pastor Karl…

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We're All In!

In early April, a diverse group of people converged on the North American Division office for a two-day working session on stewardship. That may not sound exciting to you, but let me assure you, it wa…

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Your Family and Godly Time Management

Have you ever heard the expression, “time is money?” It’s not true. During a Charlie Rose interview,[1] the billionaire Bill Gates, along with Warren Buffet, drove home the point that time is the only…

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