Adult Bible Study Guide ~ First Quarter 2018
Adult Bible Study Guide ~ First Quarter 2018

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NAD Stewardship Ministries director John Matthews writes:

​Money has always been a problem for God’s people, and modern consumerism isn’t helping. However, we do not have to succumb to its power. The Sabbath School Quarterly for the first quarter of 2018 is about the management of our possessions, about our relationship with money, and about the ways we relate to God as the Owner of all we have. 

To start with, stewardship is not a bad word. I once heard Dave Ramsey say, that he spent a lot of money buying for the specific purpose of redefining it. Here is my definition; “Stewardship is the management of our tangible and intangible possessions for God’s glory.” How are you doing in a world of financial chaos where people chase possessions and wealth, considering these to be what life is all about? 

In Stewardship, Motives of the Heart, our journey gives this topic another look. The quarterly, along with the companion book, deals with how we are to face the allure and satisfaction possessions of this world offers us. We must put materialism in its place in light of eternity. Our identity must be wrapped up in Jesus, not in our possessions. The outcome will be living a life of contentment. Jesus will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matt. 25:23 NIV).



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