Local Church Budget

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AUTHOR: Angel J. Rodriguez

The church roof had a problem.  It leaked! One time, the pastor counted six buckets in place to catch the drips. Raindrops fell on the rugs or pews or tile floors. It seemed like they discovered a new leak every time it rained.

The church board discussed the problem. “We don’t have enough money,” they agreed. “But let’s at least get a few estimates so we know how much we will need.”

After getting several estimates to repair the roof, the board saw that the church didn’t have enough resources to cover the entire expense. They had to make a choice.

“Could we cover the roof with a tarp while we wait for funds?” they wondered. “Or should we take out a loan?”

The pastor suggested a third option. “Let’s take this matter to the congregation. Perhaps, when they understand the need, they will give extra offerings to the church budget to repair the roof.”

Within weeks, the church had raised over 90 percent of the funds. The pastor and head elder agreed to move by faith and scheduled the repairs. As the work went forward, the extra funds kept coming into the local church budget.

The construction work progressed. Upon completion, the church had enough funds to pay the final installment of the bill. Where the body of Christ works together in unison, great things can happen. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1