God Supplies My Every Need

When I was in college, I spent a summer coordinating a witnessing team in the Southwest. All summer long we’d been ministering and earning scholarships by selling the paperback edition of Steps to Christ and other devotional material. With the summer over, our team decided to caravan across the country to our college in the Southeast. We put our luggage in the back of a camper truck and in a large U-Haul trailer that we pulled behind one of the cars.

In Abilene, Texas, the car pulling the U-Haul trailer began to overheat and could no longer pull the trailer. At midnight we stopped in the parking lot of an all-night gas station and waited for the U-Haul shop to open the next morning. We wanted to discuss our options with the U-Haul dealer.

Most all of our summer earnings were in scholarships, so we were very low on cash. We had no idea how we would handle any extra expense. We gathered in a circle in the parking lot and prayed, asking God to provide.

After we’d finished our prayer, I noticed a car pull into the station, so I decided to share with the driver a copy of Steps to Christ. As I explained what we’d been doing that summer, he thanked me and gave me a $5 bill. I went back to my car and tried to get some sleep. Minutes later one of the other students awoke me, explaining that the man had returned and wanted his $5 back.

Soon I was sitting in the stranger’s car, learning that he wanted not only his money back but also some of my time! He began telling me of his life’s journey, including the fact that he was an undertaker by profession—a fact that seemed to fit in perfectly with our nighttime adventure.

“I was in a terrible car accident several years ago,” he said. “And that caused me to turn to God for my source of strength. After I heard your story this evening and gave you the money, the Holy Spirit impressed me to come back to you again. I believe that your needs are much greater than a mere $5 bill.” He then wrote a check for $35 and handed it to me. “I am impressed that God wants you to have this money, because you need it.”

When the U-Haul store opened a few hours later, we found that our best solution was to have a temporary bumper hitch put on one of the other cars in our caravan.

“How much will this cost?” we asked.

“Thirty-five dollars.”

Years before, my brother had told me, “Dave, when you work for God all summer and you give Him your time, sometimes God sends the greatest blessings near the end of summer just to show you how much He appreciates what you have done.”

Philippians 4:19 became real to me that summer.

“And my God will meet all your needs” (Philippians 4:19, NIV).

By Dave Weigley

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