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AUTHOR: Angel J. Rodriguez

During the retreat by Japan from the Philippines during World War II, one Japanese soldier named Hiroo Onoda received an assignment. He was to stay behind at his post until his commanding officer, Major Yoshimi Taniguchi, relieved him of his duties.

On the day of the Major’s departure, he made a promise. “Stay here until I come back to relieve you of your duties. Whatever happens, we will come back for you.”

As an intelligence officer, Onoda had learned the art of blending into his environment and sustaining himself off the land. The war ended in 1945, but for 29 years, he stood by his post.

At last, the emperor learned that the lieutenant was still on the island. He sent Onoda’s former commanding officer with a letter from the emperor telling him he was free to go. On March 9, 1974, the Major arrived and at last Onoda could leave for home.

To all Christians, our commanding officer Jesus gave orders before He left. He said, “But that which ye have already hold fast till I come.” Revelation 2:25

Are you holding and maintaining your post until He comes? As Christians, we are to work for the Lord and help support Christ’s ministry through our tithes and offering. We are to do all we can for our Master till He comes again and relieves us of our earthly post. As we give to the local budget, let us hold fast till He comes.