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AUTHOR: Angel J. Rodriguez

The woman had lost her husband. Creditors were coming to collect. She had no money to pay them. What was she going to do?

She went to the prophet Elisha and told him her trouble. “They will take my two sons as slaves,” she cried.

The prophet asked one question. “What do you have in your house?”

“I have only one small pot of olive oil,” she replied.

He instructed her to borrow as many empty vessels as she could from all her friends and neighbors. Then, in private, she should pour that same oil into the borrowed containers.

Her sons brought vessel after vessel until there were no more available. She began pouring oil from her little pot. When she filled the last jar, the oil stopped flowing.

The next day she told Elisha what God had done. He told her, “Go, sell the oil, and pay thy debt, and live thou and thy children of the rest.” 2 Kings 4:7

When this widow came to the Lord, our Father heard her prayer and intervened.

Today, we have many members who are in debt, and as a result it becomes difficult to contribute tithes and offerings. I want to introduce you to a God who hears the cries of mothers and fathers who are in need. God opens the windows of heaven in our behalf. When you receive His blessings, remember to thank the same God by giving offerings so that others can also receive a blessing.