Local Church Budget

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AUTHOR: Angel J. Rodriguez

Have you ever attended church in a house? There are many home churches across America. But home churches are easy to outgrow!

One of these house churches in Vermont, the Brattleboro church, stepped forward by faith in outreach to their community. As the congregation grew, it became obvious they needed a new location to become even more effective for the Lord. The house itself could no longer handle the various ministries and the growth of the congregation.

They brought the matter before the Lord. Land opened in the adjacent town of Vernon, and the members raised funds to move to the new location. Week by week, the members gave according to their abilities. The church project went forward, and construction began on the new building.

The new structure started as only a dream in the hearts of the members. Now faithful members worship in their beautiful building today.

Members are able to have a wider impact in the community. The community is grateful for their presence. When God’s people come together for the Lord and follow the dream that the Lord placed in their hearts, great things will happen.

Today, as you give to the local church budget, ask God to place in your heart a vision for your church. Catch the inspiration of how your congregation can bless your community. Look for the greater mission to souls who will come and praise our wonderful Savior. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18