Disaster & Famine Relief

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AUTHOR: Wynelle Stevens

“Fatal,” “Devastating,” “Horrendous,” “Unforgettable,” “Death Toll Rises!” Just some of the words to describe news reports on natural disasters and traumatic events.

Your gift to the Disaster and Famine Relief offering allowed Adventists to give a sense of HOPE to thousands from the Camp Fire tragedy. Hundreds of kitchen kits were provided to use in their travel trailer and hundreds of sheds to secure any belongings they were able to grab. Instant pots, along with cooking classes on how to use them, were given to bring some normalcy.

One resident shared, “I’m so excited to receive this kitchen kit that I’m going back right now to make brownies.” She made a plate of them and shared them with the clean-up crew.

Cleaning buckets were distributed in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida during storms over the last two years and families were able to remain under their roof without fear of mold infecting their household.

Our friends on the Island of Saipan were able to return to their homes after ACS DR team members traveled the long hours to rebuild homes that had been uninhabitable after Typhoon Yutu devastated the Island.

Adventist Community Services Disaster Response works all over the North American Division serving communities in times of crisis. Today, your generosity may be used by God to meet the needs and bring relief and comfort to those who have lost everything.

—Wynelle Stevens is the Assistant Director at Adventist Community Services.