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AUTHOR: Angel J. Rodriguez

Media consumption is at an all-time high. People watch television on big screens in their living room, on computers in their office, and on laptops, tablets, and smart phones in their hands.

Americans spend a staggering amount of time watching TV programs. We even have a new word for it called “binge watching.” People get most of their information from looking at a screen. Thus it’s a great way to reach them with the Adventist message.

During World War II, television was a pretty new invention. By 1950 only about five million TV sets existed. Adventists thought it might be a good idea to use this new medium. So, a program called Faith for Today was launched. It has the distinction of being the first nationally broadcast religious program on TV.

Soon other Adventist television programs followed. It Is Written in 1956, Breath of Life in 1974, and, more recently, the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute. Today these continue to be the four television ministries owned and operated by our North American Division. They provide a primary evangelistic thrust.

Adventist television has been transforming lives for 70 years and is still going strong. Every year, thousands continue to discover a Christ-centered message of hope through the creative productions of Faith for Today, Breath of Life, It is Written, and Jesus 101.

More people are reached through TV programming than any other way. You can help Adventist Television Ministries touch hearts and change lives. Please give liberally today.


—Fred Knopper is Marketing Director at the Adventist Media Ministries Support Services.