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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

Accessory to a miracle. On December 22, Lauren heard that her father needed emergency open-heart surgery. He lived in Europe, but Lauren was in the States. To fly to Europe on short notice was prohibitively expensive. An expired passport was also a concern. Her desire was to take her young daughter, Sabine, on this trip. The least expensive tickets were $1,200. She needed two. Lauren prayed.

On Sabbath, Lauren and her family continued to pray. Church members formed a circle of prayer. And the miracles came.

First, the passport was renewed in just a few days. Second, a sister in the local church felt impressed to send a check for $1,000 to Lauren. (It was mailed before the Sabbath on which the family prayed for a miracle.) Third, Lauren discovered that she had enough reward points to purchase a ticket. Fourth, Delta was informed of the story behind the short notice trip and discounted the second ticket to $731.

Lauren broke down with tears in her eyes and related the story of these miracles to her father. He also was touched by God’s kindness. The following Sabbath he made amends with God and took part in communion.

This miracle was possible because ordinary people decided to serve others. When we give to the local church budget, we too become accessories to miracles.

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Originally prepared for December 19, 2020