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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

When we stop and serve, others go to camp. Ed Horan of Lewistown, Montana, was hurrying to visit a sick person. When he was just about to enter the house, a young teen with a sad demeanor walked toward him on the sidewalk. Ed felt impressed to stop and ask the teen what was wrong. They chatted for a minute, and Ed realized that the teen was blind.

Anthony lost his eyesight in an unfortunate sledding accident and his life changed drastically. He was legally blind. Ed talked with the young man and informed him that there was a summer camp taking place for young people with disabilities. This camp was sponsored by private donations and the local conference. Within three days, Anthony was enjoying summer camp with other young people.

This miracle took place because one person listened to that ever-still voice of the Holy Spirit. He stopped, he cared, and he engaged in a conversation with a stranger.

Do we care? Do we stop? Do we ask other people about their days or weeks? It can be intimidating at times. Yet we must remember that all of us carry burdens. Most of us have issues. And all of us can become opportunities for service.

Let us ask God for such opportunities to serve. When we serve, we better other people’s lives.

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Originally prepared for November 28, 2020