Annual Sacrifice

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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

Let’s sacrifice. Prem received medical training and then chose to live on a small stipend in a remote town in India as a Global Mission pioneer. Before Prem arrived, there were no Adventists in the region. The nearest hospital is several hours away, so pioneer Prem uses the talents God has given him to serve the town’s sick. He transformed his living room into a clinic where he lovingly teaches the locals how to adopt a wholistic lifestyle and treats their illnesses. Then he prays for the Heavenly Physician to heal and bless them.

Through Prem’s compassionate words and actions, many of his former patients now come each Sabbath to the local church building.

Global Mission pioneers sacrifice much to take Jesus to the unreached cities, towns, and villages around the world and to put His method of outreach into action. The question is, What are you willing to sacrifice to help support them?

The November 14 Annual Sacrifice Offering is a great time to make a special gift to support the work of Global Mission pioneers. If you want to help share Jesus with unreached people, write “Annual Sacrifice Offering” on your tithe envelope.

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Originally prepared for November 14, 2020