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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

Is our faithfulness to God first? Ellen G. White noted the following: “We are not to consecrate to Him what remains of our income after all our real or imaginary wants are satisfied; but before any portion is consumed, we should set apart that which God has specified as His. Many persons will meet all inferior demands and dues, and leave to God only the last gleanings, if there be any. If not, His cause must wait till a more convenient season” (R&H., May 16, 1882).

When we are unfaithful with our tithes and offerings, we are sending a message. We send a message when we choose to put God and the spreading of the Gospel as a secondary or tertiary priority. We send a message that His cause must wait.

The plan of salvation was activated and Jesus volunteered to die for humanity on the cross. But what if He would have said: “I don’t really know about this.” Or, “Why don’t we wait a bit and see how this whole thing will play out?” Could you imagine if Jesus would have chosen to relegate humanity and its salvation as non-important?

God placed the salvation of humanity as a first priority in His life from the “foundation of the world” according to Ephesians 1:4. Let us remain faithful and place God first as well by returning His tithes and offerings.

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Originally prepared for November 7, 2020