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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

Lunch money. In the communist regime of Romania, a teacher felt called by God to teach in a government-run school. The all-boys boarding academy was no picnic for her. She often tried talking to the students about Jesus, but was unsuccessful.

The teacher decided to pray for a venue in which God would use her to be a witness. She noticed that the students’ state-provided school lunches were a bit on the light side. This observation impressed her to save a little money every month and put it in a special jar. When she would hear of a hungry student, the jar would be emptied, food would be purchased, and the student would be filled.

Soon, news got around in the student body about the teacher and her lunch provisions. The teacher rented a small house next to the school building. The students often walked to her house for food during recess. This idea of feeding hungry students became a ministry for her with great success.

Three of the students started listening to her stories about Jesus. They started reading the Bible and engaging in Bible studies. Two were baptized.

What ministry is God calling you to engage in and witness with? Do you have a talent and a desire to be used by God? God can use you and your talents to witness to others.

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Originally prepared for October 31, 2020