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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

“Equipping the World for Christ to Come.” The Voice of Prophecy exists to proclaim the everlasting gospel of Christ—leading people to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and nurturing them in preparation for His soon return.

A leader in religious broadcasting, the Voice of Prophecy focuses on God’s love and heralds the soon return of Christ—providing hope to broken people and guidance for daily living. Founded in 1929 by H.M.S. Richards, the ministry continues today under the leadership of Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra and Associate Speaker Jean Boonstra. In 1942, La Voz de la Esperanza began broadcasting to bring the gospel to the Spanish-speaking world.

The Voice of Prophecy can be heard in nearly three dozen languages, and Bible lessons are available in more than 70 languages. Local Discover Bible Schools have been established in more than 2,000 churches across North America, with hundreds more around the world. La Voz de la Esperanza also has a Bible School with four collections of lessons.

As the Voice of Prophecy and La Voz de la Esperanza look to the future, they will continue to focus on sharing the love of Christ with a hurting world.

Let us support this Christ-centered ministry with our resources on this World Budget Sabbath.

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Originally prepared for October 10, 2020