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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

“Begin by helping your neighbors.” “Every church member should feel it his special duty to labor for those living in his neighborhood. Study how you can best help those who take no interest in religious things. As you visit your friends and neighbors show an interest in their spiritual as well as in their temporal welfare. Present Christ as a sin-pardoning Savior. Invite your neighbors to your home, and read with them from the precious Bible and from books that explain its truths.”

This wonderful counsel can be found in the book Welfare Ministry, page 190, written by Ellen G. White. Two words stand out as very important. The first is “study” how you can best help. Such a word denotes premeditated interest for those in our immediate sphere of influence. The second word is “invite.” This word takes us out of our comfort zone. It reminds us that building relationships with people who may not know Christ requires time, patience, and, most of all, proximity.

When we invite a neighbor to our house, our most intimate space, we inspire trust and openness. Such behaviors often lower barriers and with time will offer opportunities for conversations about Christ.

When possible, let us seek such opportunities to introduce people to Christ.

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Originally prepared for August 22, 2020