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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

A lifesaving serum. In 1925, a major diphtheria epidemic was just about to sweep Nome, Alaska. The harsh and excessively cold Alaskan environment hindered the transportation of a lifesaving serum that would stop the spread of the epidemic. It was so cold that the engine of the sole aircraft that could have potentially delivered the medicine did not turn on.

Dogs were employed with sleds to transport the medication. It was an arduous journey with limited visibility, high winds, and temperatures of minus 31-degrees Celsius. Balto, a Siberian husky, relied solely on his senses to keep Gunnar Kaasen on the right track and lead him into Nome. Their delivery averted the epidemic.

God also staved off a major catastrophe by sending His only Son Jesus Christ to deliver a lifesaving sacrifice on the cross. Jesus endured ridicule, mockery, abuse, and violence for the salvation of humanity. Isaiah 53 tells us that Jesus was led as a lamb to a slaughterhouse and did not object. It was His choice to finish the journey and provide a lifesaving option.

The local church is a body of believers that reaches out on a regular basis to people who do not know Jesus Christ. Our tithe and offerings are an intricate part in this outreach. Let us be faithful in returning that which is God’s.

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Originally prepared for August 1, 2020