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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

Time is short. “May the Lord give no rest, day nor night, to those who are now careless and indolent in the cause and work of God. The end is near. This is that which Jesus would have us keep ever before us—the shortness of time.” These solemn words were uttered by Ellen G. White in a letter written in 1886 (Letter 97, 1886). She definitely believed that urgency was needed when the people of God were asked to partake in the spreading of the Gospel.

Much like today, the people of her time were preoccupied with mundane tasks and with “making a living.” There is nothing wrong with making a living. Yet, the Scriptures warn us that priorities need to be kept in their proper perspective. The apostle Matthew is very frank when he draws a parallel between the time of Noah and the time of the end (Matthew 24:38). The Bible describes the last generation as succumbing to worldly cares and God becoming a lesser priority.

Is this really what we want? Would 80 years on this planet be it? Jesus promised an eternity with God. Why would we be careless and trade infinity for a temporary life?

Today’s offering is for our local conference. In remaining faithful and giving generously, we enable our local field to reach out to people who may not know Jesus yet. Time is short.

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Originally prepared for July 25, 2020