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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

We feel you are called to ministry. John Neuman was named businessman of the year in South Dakota. His construction company was respected and sought after in the city of Sioux Falls. “Business was good,” he recalls. The secret behind it all? John’s commitment to excellence in all that he offered to the local community.

John was happy in his work, but his heart yearned to do something for God as well. He went on mission trips and built churches in Panama and Arizona.

He felt the call to learn more about evangelism and outreach and thus enrolled in a short course that offered practical knowledge in this area. While taking this course, John and his wife Karris learned that several of the students were unable to pay their school tuition bills. After praying and talking it over, the Neumans decided to pay off all the tuition bills for six struggling students. Today, several of these students are full-time ministers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For years, nobody knew about the couple’s generosity (except the students), as they kept it anonymous. They only wanted to serve.

Today’s offering goes to serve our local communities. The Local Conference Advance offering sponsors numerous programs and ministries that directly benefit our local communities. Let’s give generously.

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Originally prepared for June 27, 2020