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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

Appreciating our earthly and heavenly fathers. Sonora Smart Dodd was 16 when she lost her mother in childbirth. Her father, a Civil War veteran, single-handedly raised six children, including a newborn. They lived in Washington State and life was not always easy. Years later, as Sonora sat in church listening to a Mother’s Day sermon, she felt a deep desire to honor her father, William Jackson Smart. She started a petition in her town to designate June 5, her father’s birthday, as a holiday. The town obliged, and a few weeks later the first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910.

In 1972, President Richard Nixon elevated the local statute to federal level and proclaimed Father’s Day a national holiday. The affection of a grateful daughter led to fathers across the world being recognized and appreciated.

Every Sabbath, when we gather in churches across the country, we celebrate a close and intrinsic relationship with our heavenly Father. Let us cherish not only our natural earthly fathers, but also our Heavenly one.

As we collect our local offerings and tithe, let us be grateful to our Father for our lives, health, and families.

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Originally prepared for June 20, 2020