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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

A chaplain hero serves, and lives are saved. Brad Brown lost his wife to cancer only five months before the devastating Camp Fire destroyed Paradise, California, in 2018. He worked as a chaplain at a nearby Adventist hospital when the fire enveloped the entire region. He called his two teenage children and told them that he loved them, after which he lost cell phone coverage.

More than 80 percent of Paradise was destroyed and close to 90 fatalities were reported. When the fire was the most intense, Brad decided to use his minivan to transport critical care and hospice patients from the burning hospital to safety. His actions and service saved lives. TIME Magazine named Brad Brown one of the heroes of 2018.

Nearly 1,300 Adventist church members were affected, with many losing everything except their lives. In crises such as these, it’s inspiring to witness the outpouring of support from our faith community. Today, let’s give to our local church budget to support those in need in times like this.

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Originally prepared for June 13, 2020