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AUTHOR: Andrew Raduly

Church money. Max was just a young boy living in rural Virginia with his parents and his sister. One summer evening, they went for a short drive to the river to eat their picnic supper.

Soon it was time for the family to pack up and go home. When they arrived home, they found the back door broken and wide open. Someone had broken into their home and stolen many of their belongings.

Later that night while Max was lying in his bed trying to go to sleep, he remembered something very important. He ran to his parents’ room excitedly asking if the robber had found their “church money.” His parents got up and they all went to the kitchen. Sure enough, the jar full of money was still there.

The family had been saving their extra coins and an occasional dollar to give as an offering on the coming Sabbath. They were so thankful that the gifts for the church were safe. With thankful hearts they carried the jar to church the following Sabbath and happily placed the money, jar and all, in the offering plate.

Let’s be thankful today for the blessings we have and the monies we can generously share as we give to support the local budget needs for our church today.

—Carol Doudiken is a local elder in the Potomac Conference, and this story is about her uncle.

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Originally prepared for June 6, 2020