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AUTHOR: NAD Stewardship

―‘Gather My saints together to Me,

Those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.‘‖

Psalm 50:5 NKJV


The popular thought is that this text refers to material things, and those who sacrifice money, or its equivalent, for God‘s cause, will be among the throng who await their Lord's return. If this were correct, then a total sacrifice would be the giving of everything a person had, and he would be left destitute. In this condition he would not be able to support himself, his family, nor his church.

It should be carefully noted in the text that the key word is not sacrifice, but covenant. Those will be gathered in that great day who have made a covenant with God–in this instance, by sacrifice. By sacrificing what?

God isn't interested in our money (He could speak and create mountains of gold); He is interested in us–our hearts-our choice to obey Him. This is true stewardship.

And this willingness to place our hearts on the altar is the supreme sacrifice which He desires. Once we do this, we will have made a covenant with Him by sacrifice (the only thing over which we have control) ~then we can hear the "well done‖- given to those who recognize their stewardship relation to Him and be a part of that vast throng who await His return.

Appeal: Our offering today is for World Budget and one recipient is the Annual Sacrifice Offering which supports Global Mission.

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Originally prepared for November 10, 2012