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AUTHOR: NAD Stewardship

One definition of stewardship is simply stated as: “God-centered Living.” This is a very comprehensive view that includes money and possessions but also everything else in life. Money, home, car, are included but also our bodies, minds, choices, relationships, use of talents and skills, the Earth, the Bible, the Sabbath and the list goes on!

There is no moment or dimension of our lives that does not include a stewardship component. It is the way a faithful and true Christian lives their life. Therefore, everything we do has a God focus.

Ultimately, all that we have and ever hope to be is reason to say, “thanks” to God for His goodness, blessings and the things He provides. He is indeed the Provider of all things the Giver of every blessing. Any response in resources, time, or talent will always be inadequate to His lavish and abundant gifts to us.

Appeal: Today our offering will go to support some of the ministries of our Conference. Let’s pray.

Prayer: Lord in Heaven, it is with a thankful heart that we provide our Tithes and Offerings today. You are the originator of all we possess. Help us to always acknowledge You as the Giver of all things. Bless this offering to Your purposes and for Your sake, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Originally prepared for November 26, 2011