Local Church Budget

November 19, 2011

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Author: NAD Stewardship

The Christian steward has the goal of eternal life ever in view. It may appear impossible due to an environment created by sin. But desire, preparation, and commitment will enable the faithful steward to ascend above the “fog-bound” valleys of a materialistic world, and reach the peak where heaven, the new earth, companionship with God and the holy angels await.

This is the goal of every steward who recognizes that he or she is a steward. This is the reward. No half-hearted preparation or application of time and talent will work. The very term “steward” implies service. Effective service demands wholehearted commitment to Christ.

Christ has called us to work for Him, this makes us very important, even essential to His plan. How important is this work to us?

Appeal: The work of the Church is to recruit, train and develop faithful stewards. Our offering today will provide financial support to the ministries of our Church. Let’s pray.

Prayer: Our Father you are our Master, the One we desire to serve faithfully. Bless our efforts, bless this offering. We want to spend eternity with You, in Jesus’ name. Amen.