Local Church Budget

November 5, 2011

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Author: NAD Stewardship

A congregation cannot dishonor God more than to allow His house to be in a run-down condition. The appearance of a Church building says a lot about the congregational attitude towards the Sovereign God. It is like a beacon or a sign as to how the people value God’s presence. We need to remember that the church building and how it is maintained is a silent witness to every visitor, as well as the casual passerby. Every church should be maintained in accordance with His character and majesty.

How can this be done? It takes four things: (1) A congregational desire to honor God; (2) The resources to accomplish it, and a belief that He will provide; (3) Talents to provide what is needed, He will provide that as well; (4) Time given by church members to do the work!

We must return to the idea that the Church is God’s house. Too often it is seen as a place of social activity and we forget that it is first of all a place to meet with God.

Appeal: Our offering today will go to help meet the needs of our Church and its ministries and maintenance. Let’s pray.

Prayer: Our gracious Heavenly Father, forgive us when we do not honor You as we should. Bless this offering and show us how we might make our Church pleasing to Your eyes. In Jesus’ name. Amen.