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2023 Mission Investment Projects


The Columbia Union is planting a Slavic Seventh-day Adventist church in the greater Cleveland, OH region to serve and minister to the existing Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Moldovan population. We also want to extend services and ministries to the incoming Ukrainian refugees.


Local youth leaders are devising and implementing evangelism initiatives for their congregations. The cost is split between the union and local church, but more local churches wish to participate than there are union funds to match.


There is a fast-growing group of Karen refugees in the Clarkston area of Atlanta, Georgia. Several congregations have been providing basic necessities, but their limited understanding of the language impedes their ability to minister to their needs. The solution is a recently hired, full-time, experienced Karen pastor.

The pastor plays a prominent role in the Karen community and is successfully establishing connections with various help centers and governmental agencies. We want to see this congregation become a full-fledged SDA Church with a solid ministry to the Karen population.