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2019 Mission Investment Projects

2019 North American Division Sabbath School Mission Investment Projects


WASHINGTON ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY (WAU) SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT: WAU proudly bears the motto, “Gateway to Service.” The mission of this project is to provide students not only with a quality formal education, but to engage them in the mission of the church.  As a “Gateway to Service,” this project will help them bridge their academic studies and career pursuits with meaningful, compassionate ministry and sharing the Gospel.
The goals of this project are:
  1. Establish a minimum of three cross-disciplinary “Service Learning Communities” where—at least once per semester—students, in related professions, will work collaboratively with members of the Takoma Park, NAD, GC and/or Sligo Church communities to identify and provide enriching service to a needy Washington DC metro area constituent group;
  2. Launch an annual summer “Service Seminar” for the WAU: Takoma Park constituent group where actions to develop a “Service Mindset” are identified and implemented through the above referenced cross-disciplinary teams; and to
  3. Work collaboratively with an area church, such as Sligo, to create a community “Service” experience. (i.e., A “New Year” seminar during the month of January through which a service culture for the surrounding communities is intentionally affirmed.)
As a result of this initiative, students will experience the relevance of their faith, be a blessing to the local church and strengthen its community through distinctive service as defined by the life and teachings of Jesus.

2019 North American Division Sabbath School Mission Investment Projects


FLORIDA KEYS MISSION APPROACH PROGRAM: The Florida Keys are made up of a string of barrier islands connected by the famous US Highway 1. Challenges in this area include a very secular population, a large geographic area, no response to traditional approaches of ministry, and affluent residents have high quality expectations for whatever they become involved in. In addition, more than 50 percent of those surveyed are experiencing chronic stress, and the Keys are beginning to see suicides as a result of the hopelessness experienced by these communities. Thus, the mission of this project is to reach out to the residents of the Florida Keys through high-end felt-needs health programs as a means to build relationships and bring them to Christ through a systematic evangelism program.
The Mission Approach program has three phases:
  1. Assessment – This includes regular screenings, community surveys conducted door-to-door, and consulting with community agencies for their input and support.
  2. Short Term Recovery – This includes systematic felt-needs programs, a homeless ministry, and various community cleanup projects.
  3. Long Term Recovery – This includes home repair follow-up, regular contact, and the creation of mission outposts, mobile screening operations, community integration, and high-end health and community services.
As ministry began to the thousands of residents of the Keys, it became clear that this was not just a temporary program, but a Divine calling that has been placed on the Florida Conference and the local Keys churches.