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MUSLIM MINISTRY: Greater San Diego has had an increasing population over the past three to four years of refugees and immigrants from Arab countries, particularly those of Muslim faith.  Approximately 11-12 percent of the population is made up of non-English speaking people. This ministry is focused on sharing the SDA message with the Muslim population in this area—one of the largest in the country.

We have already begun to build relationships and meet the needs of new immigrants and refugees through:

  • Food ministry
  • English language classes
  • Health expos at libraries, public spaces, and mosques
  • Citizenship classes at libraries and public spaces
  • Bible study classes, individually and in groups
  • Job placement assistance
  • Bible studies (training recent converts to assist)

They have grown to love and trust the SDA churches, but ongoing needs are to expand the ministry is to find an Arab speaking pastor, a part-time female Bible worker (needing to enter homes where women have requested Bible studies), and a ministry coordinator.

We are seeking to show care and compassionate outreach to those who live in the zip codes around several San Diego churches, and to learn together what is and is not working as we enter this uncharted territory for the Kingdom of God.

VEG HUB MINISTRY BISTRO: While there are a number of Adventist churches throughout the City of Oakland, there is no organized Adventist presence in District 4—a multi-cultural, secular, urban area. The Northern California Conference would like to plant a church in the area. However, traditional forms of evangelism are probably not going to work in this “post-Christian” area. Californians, especially those in the Bay Area, are interested in vegan food for reasons of health, animal welfare, and the environment. Community engagement is also a shared value among many Bay Area residents. Thus, this ministry seeks to offer vegan food with long-term community involvement.The goal of the Veg Hub Ministry is to plant a church right in the bistro!


CHRISTIAN RECORD SERVICES, INC. – “Empowering People Who are Blind to Embrace the Blessed Hope”

Roughly eight million people, or three percent of the population in the United States, are legally blind and have little to no access to English and Spanish Bible study materials in braille and large print. People who are blind are disproportionally affected and unable to participate in Bible study groups because they do not have the ease of access to Bible study programs like sighted people.

Bible study guides currently available to Bible school students from Christian Record have been in use for two decades. Vocabulary and references change¬¬—as do preferred braille codes. Unified English Braille (UEB) code became the standard braille format on January 4, 2016, rendering previous versions of braille not current. The time has come to make timeless truths more easily understood and accessible. Partnering with Voice of Prophecy, Christian Record will produce and launch the newest series of Bible study guides in braille and large print.

Since 1899, Christian Record has led people who are blind to Jesus through the distribution of a variety of services, including reading materials in braille, audio, and large print, and programs such as National Camps for Blind Children and Insight4Vets.

Christian Record Services, Inc., based in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a ministry of compassion of the North American Division.