Living Within Your Income

Living Within Your Income

by John Mathews

The Coldwater, Michigan Seventh-day Adventist Church devoted the weekend of October 1, 2011 to Stewardship emphasis.  I  focused on how postmodern culture affects our stewardship of giving.

Other finance topics included budgets, credit cards, how to buy a home and car and retirement. That is where I met Lester Trubey who is a member of the Burlington, Michigan Seventh-day Adventist Church.

At a break in the seminar he handed me a three by five card titled, “Motto for Living.”  The card read,  “I am 103 years and eight months old and have borrowed only $300.00 in 103 years.  I have no computer, no cell phone, and no credit card.”

He concluded confidently, “I have no debts.”

Published October 18, 2011