Mission Investment Offering

Did you know that the Mission Investment Offering is a partnership between you and God? Watch this quick #WhereDoesMyOfferingGo video to learn about the many ways our offerings are used.

Transcript of video:
Today we’re going to define the mission investment offering. This is a unique offering because all of the money you give doesn’t come out of your own pocket, it comes from somewhere else, and I’ll tell you where that is in just a moment.

The investment offering is a partnership between you and God. You pick a project and dedicate the income to the mission investment offering. Here’s an example involving chickens. When Kelly Rose Bishop was a teenager she decided to commit 10% of her egg business to investment. She sold to regular customers and to people who just stopped by her house. After two months she noticed that her sales had gone up by 50%. That’s how the partnership worked. She promised to give 10% of her old income—that was her part—but she believes God blessed her little business and the amount of money and the 10% grew because of her new larger income—that was God’s part.

There are all kinds of ideas for entering into partnership with God. You may dedicate the money you save using coupons at the grocery store or dedicate the money you save skipping dessert when eating out. One person picked up aluminum cans she found on her morning run and gave the proceeds to investment. Every dollar you raise goes to advance Adventist missions overseas. Come up with your own mission investment idea today. Then experience the joy of seeing what God does in your newly formed business partnership. Remember fund the mission to finish the work.

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