Introduction to Budgeting

Welcome to Stupid Money. ¶ Not that money is stupid. Most of us would love to have more of it. But sometimes we make stupid decisions with it. But you don't have to. This is the show that unpacks how to stop making stupid decisions. So you can be smarter with your money and have a happier fulfilled life. Join us today as we tackle budgets. Thank you for joining us. I'm Diana and I'm here with John and Vivian. John, what's a crazy stupid thing we do with our money. Too many people spend $5 for a 10 cent cup of coffee. Oh, don't we though? Vivian, what about you? Well, we max out our credit cards. Too many people do that. Max out their credit cards. And then they only pay the minimum amount. Ouch. So stupid and yet so easy to do. But, John, nobody wants to be riddled with credit card debt nobody wants to have financial instability. How do we avoid it? It's pretty hard unless you make certain decisions. First of all, all these possessions all this stuff is where we find our identity. Especially in modern-day culture. But that is really a dead end street. If we want to have our identity in its proper order let's take Psalm 24:1 God owns everything. So that means He owns our money. And if we want to reflect His identity it is going to show up in how we manage our money. That's why a budget is so important. Because it is right smack in the middle of finances. It affects retirement. It affects investing. It affects monthly spending. Everything we do. It's right there.

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