Being Successful God’s Way – Ruben Harris

Ruben created his own path into the finance world but turned social entrepreneur in San Francisco, California. Ruben pivoted from his stable career because of a realization that if you help people everything else comes. Making a redemptive difference inspired by the promise the meek shall inherent the earth inspired him to begin a platform leveraging tech opportunity by empowering people via coding boot camps. He’s gone on to form a career accelerator which is driven by plugging in people with peers, coaches, and mentors that help transform people’s trajectory.


In Chicago at Bank of Montreal, I met a guy who was a vice chair that said, “The only reason I’m here, Ruben, is because I help people get jobs. And if you help people put food on the table everything else comes.”

And while I was at Southern thinking about business, I was very money driven, and my vision board was different than it is now. And that comment essentially changed from saying I wanted to become a billionaire to saying I wanted to help a billion people.

You think about spreading the gospel, if you think about reaching people, you have to get outside of your community. I realized I had to get outside of it, which I thought was really good to be in investment banking because you’re working hundreds of hours a week, but you’re still taking a day off, right? You’re still keeping the Sabbath.

Understanding how to reach people outside, I realized that if I wanted to reach people in the most effective way, I needed to understand where the world was going and how people were communicating that I was trying to reach.

And I realized that in the future tech is going to take over every industry. I realized that you’re going to have to embrace lifelong learning. I recognized that technology wasn’t just taking over companies, it was also taking over school systems, and it was also taking over the church.

So, if you think about that, traditional education is not able to keep up with the pace of technology because the half-life of a skill is, like, one to two years. So, that’s why I started thinking about technology.

So, I quit my job. I bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco. I had a place to live for a month. My buddy who was there and his twin brother, they taught themselves how to code, to go to coding bootcamps. That essentially took four years of college and condensed it into three months. So, now they have superpowers, and we could collaborate together and use that skill.

When I moved here without a job, I wrote a story called “Breaking into Startups.” And that got millions of views, thousands of people reaching out asking how to break in. What starting off as a blog turned into a podcast because a lot of people didn’t have time to read online.

In April, we launched a career management service called Career Karma that will not just evaluate who you are, what you want to do, what your full potential is, what your purpose is, not just match you to the right training program; we’ll put you in peer groups of three to seven people like you to hold you accountable, to share goals with each other and then match you up with somebody one step above you to get you there. And when you get to that level you just help somebody behind you that’s the only cost.

Small groups of people were able to impact millions if not billions of people in the shortest amount of time. Like you see Lyft and Uber created one of the largest workforces in less than five years. Or even Instagram that had 13 people when they got acquired for billions of dollars using the software engineering skills.

I was like, Jesus had 12 disciples and plus 1 that’s 13 people. They made a lot of impact with no tech. Hmm, okay. If we have to learn tech and we want to reach people where they are, we’ve probably got to master this thing.

A lot of people think about our leaders as heroes, but I actually think about them more as guides. It’s about pouring everything that I can into my people so that they learn, me trusting, being comfortable, being surrounded by people that are more talented than me and teaching them how to become leaders themselves. If we work together collectively we can make a much bigger impact.

So, I’m dedicated to make sure that people could use their talents to fulfill their purpose that God’s given them. I am a steward because the meek shall inherit the earth.

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