Reasons why we should take care of the Earth – Kyle Bergen

Kyle is a water resources engineer from Calgary, Alberta, who, check this out, designed the flood retaining wall at the world famous Calgary Stampede grounds. Kyle’s professional experience in protecting the earth adds weight to his conviction that stewardship of the earth is a Christian response and shares how integrating his eating choices is part of his decision to be a steward. Visit our website: Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: Transcript: My job as a water resources engineer is to essentially make sure that people follow the rules. There are environmental regulations that the government imposes upon companies. As a water resource engineer, I have to create designs that make sure these companies follow those rules. In spite of being hired as a water resource engineer, I’ve been given an opportunity to implement the things I’ve learned in structural design. One of those ways I’ve been able to amalgamate both concepts is in designing a flood retaining wall for the Calgary Stampede grounds. The Calgary Stampede grounds host one of the largest rodeo events in the world. They’re the pride and joy of Calgary. So, it was quite an honor for me to be able to design something for that place. At the end of the day, I feel this weight, this responsibility to do something personal. Not to make up for what I’ve done at work or what I can’t do at work, but because I feel that responsibility as a Christian. Things like recycling in my city, composting are just so easy, I just throw the right items in the right bin, and it doesn’t take any time out of my day to do that. If I’m unable to do those simple things, such as recycling, how able am I to protect the rain forest from being cut down? To solve larger problems, in the environment, I need to be able to do the small things before I can do the big things. In my life, I’ve made the choice to be a vegetarian, for a host of reasons. But, one of those reasons includes the environment and the large-scale manufacture and production of meat. They’re just incredibly wasteful. There’s a lot of energy and resources that goes into producing a food that ultimately, we don’t really need to produce. We are creating food by wasting food. Just that whole idea that it’s not our responsibility to take care of the world because it’s not going to be around at some point, that seems crazy to me. If someone entrusted something to you, whatever it may be, their pet, their home and then you acquire the knowledge that pet’s going to die or they’re going to sell their home at some point, you wouldn’t mistreat that thing they entrusted to you just because of that reason. We would never make that a conclusion, but we do that with the planet all the time. That to me is just crazy. Are there greater initiatives I’d like to take hold of than the environment? The answer for me is a definite yes, and I can have all sorts of aspirations of how I’m going to be more sustainable, how I’m going to protect the environment. But, ultimately, the most important question is, what is God giving me an opportunity to do right now? And am I taking hold of those opportunities? Am I running with them? I am a steward of the environment because God has entrusted it to me. View more videos in the I am a Steward series here:

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