How to Trust God’s Plan – Kevin & Angelia

Kevin and Angelia had plans to be missionary pilots. Changes in health changed their missionary destination to the family farm. They have a honey bee business which brings them into contact with others and opportunities share their faith. They have learned that God will provide for their needs right when needed. Watch to learn why Kevin and Angelia have decided to be stewards with what God has entrusted to them and have peace that God will be faithful to His promises to them. Visit our website: Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: Transcript: Kevin: I'm a second-generation beekeeper. It wasn't always going to be like that. I was going to actually become a commercial pilot and go into the mission field. I did get the commercial pilot's license. But, due to some health concerns, I ended up taking actually over the family farm. So, for us, the beekeeping season, it really starts in January where we start hiring people– Angelia: For the upcoming summer. Kevin: Yeah, for the upcoming season. And then our busiest time is from May through all the way to October where we are unwrapping the hives and splitting and harvesting. It keeps us really busy. Running our own business definitely has its challenges from – this spring we lost 40 percent of our hives, and we had a lot of bear problems and new diseases coming into our apiary and becoming more prevalent. Regardless of all of those challenges, God has always been faithful. He has provided what we needed right when we needed it, and we are definitely thankful for that. Angelia: Really, we see that our mission field begins here at home, and the workers that come, come from varying backgrounds. And we really desire that our relationship with each other, our relationship with God would spur and inspire them to desire a deeper walk with God as well when they have the experience of being here with us. At breakfast time, something that I do is read a devotional to start our day with our workers there in the morning, and it just sets the tone of committing our day to God from the very start. Sabbaths as well are something that we value so much in the work that we do. And we thank God that He has given us that time set apart that we can have that change of pace and renewal in Him. Kevin: Just last year we decided to build a greenhouse to extend the season of being able to grow produce, not only for our own health but also for being able to benefit others and– Angelia: Share the abundant crop that comes in. Kevin: Absolutely. Yeah. As farming entrepreneurs, a lot of money comes in and goes out. We have good years, bad years. We have made a commitment to give faithfully to the Lord with tithe and offering. Angelia: We won't pretend it's always easy because some years it does bring us to a tight place. But, we have found the peace that God gives and the peace that we can have in trusting Him as we're faithful to what He's called us to. Kevin: We are stewards because God is faithful. View other videos in the I am a Steward series here:

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