Knowing God’s Will and Plan for Your Life – Justin Khoe

Justin Khoe, That Christian Vlogger, shares his journey from unbelief to faith and how this belief affects every area of his life. Justin is a steward because God is real. Watch the video testimony to learn how God gave him his life. You can follow Justin @jkhoe on Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to Justin’s YouTube channel, ThatChristianVlogger,, and also visit his website: Visit our website: Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: Express your gratitude through the AdventistGiving App! iTunes: | Google Play: Transcript: Church wasn't real. God wasn't real to me. I mean, it was a place that we would go every single weekend, but it didn't really actually impact my life. To me, church was a place where the adults would do their thing, and my role as a kid was just to sit down, to shut up, and to not pester my brother for about an hour every single week. Though one year when I was in the fifth grade, I actually had a moment where it became a little bit more real. The fairy tale came alive in my life. I remember having a teacher in fifth grade who just had this gift for making the Bible come alive, and in that moment it completely shifted my worldview. It shifted my focus. Like, God is real. This does matter, and it should affect the way that I live my life. But, all that came crashing to a halt very quickly when I had my parents trying to challenge the way, again, I was treating my younger brother. Saying, "Justin, if you really are wanting to live the Christian life, maybe you shouldn't be so mean to your brother." And as good as their intentions were in saying those kinds of things to me, what I had heard was, "Justin, you're not good enough. You're not good enough to be calling yourself a Christian. You're not good enough for God." So, very quickly, I decided this isn't something that I'm going to pursue my life with anymore. And so, what had ended up happening was that I decided that I would try and find other ways to find fulfillment and joy and happiness in life. I was going to try to pursue relationships or education or sports or friends or whatever have you. But, church and religion really had no part in finding success and fulfillment in my life. That all changed for me my senior year of high school, where I ran into a group of other young people in their late teens, early 20s who were actually living an authentic and real expression of Christianity. These were young people who were taking their faith seriously and who were actually living as if God were, in fact, real. And what's interesting about them was that they had answers to the questions I was struggling with in life. I was struggling to find purpose and meaning, trying to find happiness. And they were opening up the Bible and showing the Bible had real answers to the real questions and dilemmas that I was facing. So, that moment in time really kind of shook me to my being, and it was then that I decided that this was what I wanted my life to be about. Because God is real that should affect how I live every moment of my life. And I decided to commit myself to full-time ministry. I got involved as a literature evangelist going door to door, eventually started doing Bible work, preaching evangelistic crusades all around the world. And then eventually got called to teach at a Bible college in Philadelphia, and presently I run a digital missions. For me, I'm committed to use things like social media and technology to spread the message. I believe that technology is one of the best ways that we can actually spread the gospels. I remember reading a study by Wall Street Journal saying that the average millennial spends over 18 hours a day behind some screen in one way, shape, or form. And so, for me, every single day I'm focused on creating content on YouTube, on making videos that help young people experience God for themselves. And what's really amazing about this platform is that I get to speak to people from, literally, around the world, from so many different backgrounds and religions and world views, whether they're Christian or atheist or they're Buddhist or Muslim or Jewish or even gay or straight. Or maybe they're like me as a young person, just asking the question, is God real? Does God really care about me? And so, why am I a steward? Because God is real. View other videos in the I am a Steward series here:

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