I Am A Steward ~ Irene Hwang – Steward of my service

Irene spent six months helping residents of a leper colony in China. She did very simple things most of the time, sweeping the floor, saying hello, and giving massages. She found it very easy to the hands and feet of God while there in the leper colony because quite literally the people there were missing hands and feet. After her time there, fast-forward to Irene now in Dental school at Columbia in New York City. She still felt this desire to serve others, but wasn’t sure how. She looked around and everything had everything anyone could possibly want. But as time went on she realized that though at first her time and China and being in New York City seemed very different that there were similarities. Because people were there, and people all feel the need to be listened to, emotionally supported, and God has given Irene a heart for that.

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