Money Back - or Ahead?
Money Back - or Ahead?

As a businessman who believes in the Biblical principles of stewardship, I’ve been used to retuning what I thought was a faithful tithe. Each year, after the accounting is done, I’ve corrected the amount of the tithe that I had contributed and was happy in the thought that I was faithful.

But a sermon by our pastor changed my thinking. In essence, the pastor described a money-back offer: If we had returned our tithe in faith and found that we couldn’t do without that tithe money in our budget, he would see to it that we got it back after a period of time.  That offer really got me thinking.

Was I really living on faith, trusting my needs to God, or was I just returning a dividend on what God had given me? That month I decided to find out.

I decided to return my anticipated next year’s tithe for the whole year in advance and see what God would choose for my income. I added a fourteen percent increase over the previous year’s tithe and put the check in the tithe envelope. In April I changed my business from a sole proprietor to a corporation and started receiving a monthly salary. On this income I returned tithe also.

A year went by: my business gross sales for that year were up fourteen percent, and so was my faith. My warehouse is now full to overflowing.

Jack McNeilus. This article was published October 19, 2011.